BrowserU is a program that helps pay off student loans through different tasks and then contributions made from advertisers for browsing on the website.  So far I am getting $1,500 paid off of my student loans from this site and could potentially get $2,000 from doing this.  Like a scholarship that will go directly to your student loans once your spot comes up.  

I was at spot #641 when I started and now I am in spot #614.  The more people sign up and use it, as well as their browsing site (it would replace Google search on Chrome), the sooner you get paid out.  Those in line get paid out from the use of searches and other tools from the site.


  1. Sean McElhare Reply

    what spot are you now in the queue just as a point of reference as to when my turn will come up

    • tlahpalli Post authorReply

      I am currently in spot #640. When I started I was around 700, if I recall correctly. The more people who sign up and use this site, the sooner people get paid and the next move up in line.

    • tlahpalli Post authorReply

      As of 1/2/2017, I’m in spot 614. The person in the top spot reached full funding and everyone will move up one shortly. The second person in line is also halfway funded. The people who run BrowseU have stated they are going to be more active and getting more going to increase the rate of funding. So positions in line will be moving up faster. Use their chrome extension to help support funding of those in line ahead of you to move you up the line faster.

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