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Shift Savings (formerly Milo Savings)

Email from the CEO, Craig Sweeney:


Hi Lazy Money Guy,

I wanted to personally reach out to fill you in on some exciting news. Today we’re announcing that we are changing our name from Milo to Shift!

Shift is a name that is representative of our mission to helping people. Helping people shift their mindsets and look at a new way to save for the important things and people in their lives. Helping people save money by shifting habits of spending to habits of saving and building momentum toward a healthier financial future. Shifting to saving.

Shift Savings

We’re thankful that you’ve been a part of our journey so far and are looking forward to helping you shift to a brighter future in the days, months and years to come.


Craig Sweeney
CEO & Cofounder


Finimize provides a daily newsletter about the latest in financial news with an analysis of how it can affect the economy and how it can affect investors.  I’ve been reading them for months and had good results from it.  They also send a weekly email (for Finimize Insiders) which summarizes the events of the week as well as providing further analysis and information.


The information they provide works for both beginning investors and experts alike.  The information they provide has links to their sources, too, if you want to look further into what they are analyzing and reporting.

This is a free financial tool they offer.  It has helped me with investment decisions and been insightful for learning new things about the US and Global economies.  It also comes with an iOS app for Finimize Insiders, and an Android app will be rolling out soon.

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Ask Trim is an A.I. that helps trim the fat off your finances.  It links to your bank accounts and will hunt down spending patterns, identifying subscriptions, unusual spending, balances getting too low, and other helpful resources and guidance.

You can even ask it to cut ties with your subscriptions that it finds, like Hulu, Netflix, or other things.  I love Hulu and Netflix, so I won’t cut off those unless I can’t afford them.  But everyone’s finances are different.

Sign Up Here and Ask Trim!


FunBills is a way to track bills, pay them, and do other things (surveys, competitions, etc.) to earn points called FunBux.  These fun bucks can be cashed out or used towards paying bills.  If you use them towards paying bills, they are worth more than the amount you would get just cashing them out.

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