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Spare5 Update on Payout Amounts

Email from Spare5:

Spare5 is still paying you every Friday – as long as you have earned at least $5.

Big things are continuing to happen at Spare5 – but the biggest thing will always be our super Spare5 Community. To help it keep growing, we’re making two key changes. 

A Small Payout Change
Payouts will still be issued every Friday by 5pm PST – but beginning February 10th 2017, the minimum earnings balance needed to be paid will increase from $1 to $5. This will help Spare5 improve tasking quality and make more tasks available to Fives who do them well. This ultimately means more and better tasks on your task lists.

A Big Tasking Change
A more exciting change is just-this-close to being here: task feedback while you’re tasking, with quality scores showing how you’re doing, plus updates and hints to give you opportunities to improve. We’re adding the final touches, and we can’t wait for you to experience it.

Thank you for being part of the Spare5 community!


Qoinpro is more for fun and one of the most passive earning platforms. I have made a few bucks per month worth of different cryptocurrency over the past years with it. It automatically starts accruing bitcoin bits (and other cryptocurrencies) daily without having to do anything.  It also gets a lot better when you get more people signed up.  Each referral level increases your daily reward rate.  But even without referrals increasing your daily reward, it still adds up and requires no work after it is all set up.

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Shift Savings (formerly Milo Savings)

Email from the CEO, Craig Sweeney:


Hi Lazy Money Guy,

I wanted to personally reach out to fill you in on some exciting news. Today we’re announcing that we are changing our name from Milo to Shift!

Shift is a name that is representative of our mission to helping people. Helping people shift their mindsets and look at a new way to save for the important things and people in their lives. Helping people save money by shifting habits of spending to habits of saving and building momentum toward a healthier financial future. Shifting to saving.

Shift Savings

We’re thankful that you’ve been a part of our journey so far and are looking forward to helping you shift to a brighter future in the days, months and years to come.


Craig Sweeney
CEO & Cofounder

Snapstar Changes to Earning Amazon Gift Cards

Email from the Snapstar Team:

Dear Lazy Money Guy,

We wanted to give you a heads up that on Tuesday, January 31 we will be removing the Cash Out page.

Instead of this page, you will be able to earn cash (Amazon gift cards) directly from purchasing a certain number of items from participating brands.

In addition, you can still always use your stars to buy sweepstakes entries and win prizes.

Thanks for your attention, and happy snapping!

-The Snapstar Team

Maven Public Profiles

Email from Maven as of January 20, 2017:

Announcing Public Profiles!
Many of our members have requested a page where all of their boards can be viewed in one place by visitors. You spoke; we listened! The new public profile page gives you a page on Maven with a “vanity” URL containing your Maven user name, links to your blog, retail site and social media pages along with all the public boards you create. It’s a great way to send shoppers to your boards and promote your blog, retail site, and social accounts!
Your Profile will now be available for other users to find you! 

  • Your public boards will be listed below your profile allowing others to find more of your selections.
  • Blog or retail sites you have identified will be listed and linked for others to find out more about your blog or store.
  • Connected social accounts are listed with follower counts and direct links so Mavens can find you on social.
  • Edit your information at any time to keep your followers up to date.
  • Shareable profile URL to help promote you and your brand as needed.
  • Update your imagery. Many times profile images imported from Facebook are grainy. You can upload a new image of your choosing!

Yaarlo Membership Levels (Effective January 1, 2017)

There is a new membership program for Yaarlo users.  Depending on your shopping the previous 3 months, your next three months will have a specified series of benefits.

Email from Yaarlo:

Dear Lazy Money Guy,

Thank you for using Yaarlo! We are happy to announce that we are introducing Membership Levels that gives our users Double cashback when shopping in-store OR Triple cashback when shopping online through Yaarlo!

Membership Benefits (*Effective From: 01/01/2017)

New users can enjoy the Gold Membership for first 90 days

Silver Gold Platinum
Quarterly Yaarlo Purchases >$500 >$1500
Refer-a-friend limit 25 25 unlimited
Shop Online (Shop ‘n Earn) 1x Points 1x Points 1.1x Points
Gift Cards (Gift ‘n Earn) 1x Points 1x Points 1.1x Points
Receipt Scanning
Retail Receipts 0.10% 0.25% 0.25%
Non-Retail Receipts 0.05% 0.10% 0.10%
Receipt Limit 100 100 100
Scan Thresholds $1000 Retail; $2000 Non-Retail $1000 Retail; $2000 Non-Retail $1500 Retail; $2000 Non-Retail
Discounted Redemptions $10, $20 $10
*Free Redemptions $50 $20, $50 $10, $20, $50
Membership status is determined quarterly, based on purchases made on Yaarlo over the prior 3 months.
Status can also be achieved mid-quarter upon satisfying the purchase requirements.
Discounted Redemptions ($10 on $50) & ($20 on $50)

Suchflex Shut Down as of November 25, 2016

Here is the email they sent out:

Dear Lazy Money Guy,

Ivan and John started Suchflex with the goal of bringing the benefits of distributed computing to everyone. Although we have been successful in getting interest from owners of consumer devices to contribute their computing resources, we have not made as much progress in building the demand-side of our distributed computing marketplace. With that in-mind, we have made a difficult decision to suspend our consumer-facing Suchflex service for the time being.


All Suchflex users who have current earning on the Suchflex platfrom will be redeemed by this Friday – November 25th 5pm PST. Please make your preferred Redemption choice by that time. If you have not communicated a choice to us by that time, we will redeem through Coinbase to the email on record for your account.


Everyone who has made redemptions into FLEX, will be redeemed in USD +10% of their original redemption. (ie. If you have redeemed $100 into FLEX, you will be paid $110 USD). The payments will go to your communicated preferred method of receiving redemptions by this Friday – November 25th 5pm PST. If you have not communicated a redemption choice to us by that time, we will redeem through Coinbase to the email on record for your account.


If you would like to stay in touch with us and hear about our future developments – great! – there is nothing to do. We have your email on record and will shoot you a message in the future. If you would not like to receive future emails, please unsubscribe below.

Flex on,

– Ivan, Co-Founder and CEO at Suchflex