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MobileExperienceMeter Shutting Down – Embee Update

Email from Embee on November 23, 2016:

Thank you for participating in the Mobile Experience Meter program!

This research program is now ending for some devices in your region. If you’re receiving this email, your points will stop being generated in Mobile Experience Meter on Nov 22nd.

Do you want to keep earning points?

Join the Mobile Performance Meter program, and we will automatically transfer your points!


Even if you were not eligible for the Mobile Performance Meter before, we have recently added support for all carriers in all location in the US, so you may be eligible today.

Or, you can just redeem your points from Mobile Experience Meter and uninstall. You have until Nov 30th to transfer or redeem your points from MobileExperience Meter.

Questions You May Have:

“How do I transfer my points?”

Very easy — just install and join the Mobile Performance Meter program on the *same device* that you are currently running the Embee Meter, and the points will be automatically transferred.

“How can I tell if my points were transferred successfully?”

You can see the transfer in your account history. In the Mobile Experience Meter app, you will see a negative “special bonus” transaction that zeros out your Embee Meter balance. In Mobile Performance Meter, you will see a matching positive “special bonus”  transaction for the same point, adding those points to your Mobile Performance Meter balance.

“I am already earning points using the Mobile Performance Meter, can I still transfer my points?”

Currently, the automatic transfer functionality is only available for new Mobile Performance Meter users. Thank you for using our apps!

“I tried to register the Mobile Performance Meter before, but was told I didn’t qualify. What do I do?”

Just try again! Mobile Performance Meter is now available to all carriers anywhere in the United States! So, even if you didn’t qualify for Mobile PerformanceMeter before, you should qualify now! Make sure you install the Mobile Performance Meter from Google Play, so you are sure to get the latest version of the application. If you don’t install the current version, it may not work correctly.

“I uninstalled Mobile Experience Meter already, but I think I had some old points there. Can I still have them transferred?”

Yes, your old points should be transferred when you successfully join the Mobile Performance Meter program.

“I make a different amount of points on Mobile Performance Meter. Why?”

The study is a little different in this case, so, yes, the point amounts may be different, too, depending on your location and other factors.


The Embee Team

Maven Social Media Earnings Program

Maven recently started a new feature to earn more.  You can now link your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram).  The more reach you have, the more potential earnings you get.

Here is the email I received (personal information and details have been removed) from Maven’s VP of Marketing and Account Management, Jessica Duncan:

Hi Lazy Money Guy,

Maven has launched a new feature that will allow us to bring you new opportunities to earn money. From time to time, retailers in our network will offer money to members like you if you share products you like from the retailer with your friends and followers. These “sharing events” will happen on an ongoing basis and will be another way to earn at Maven.

The first sharing event could come later this week with ASOS, a fast-fashion, women’s and men’s apparel retailer. We will be offering our members $5-$100 to create a board using products from ASOS and sharing that board on any social network pages you have.

Your earnings will usually be based on how many people follow you in social media.

If you are interested in participating in these sharing events, we will need to obtain the number of followers you have on each of 4 social networks: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. To make collecting that information easy for you, there are 2 steps as noted in the below images:

1.    Access your profile on MavenX.com. You will see a section labeled “Your Social Accounts” with buttons for each of the 4 networks.


2.    Click each network where you have an account.  This will “link” your social account to Maven. Once that’s done, the profile page will automatically obtain the number of friends and followers you have in each network.


We expect several more of these sharing events. Please update your profile and keep an eye out for my invitation to participate. And, if you don’t receive an invitation for the ASOS sharing event, don’t worry. We’ll keep you on the list and bring new sharing events to you from other retailers when we have them available.

Of note, the ‘success’ of these campaigns come from successful purchases in your network. The retailers look for ‘reach’ but also conversion. With that said, personal outreach may help you gain those much needed purchases that can result in MORE of these type of opportunities for you! 


Jessica Duncan

VP, Marketing and Account Management

Paribus Acquired by Capital One

According to TechCrunch, Paribus was acquired and will be part of their campaign to have price tracking through the use of Capital One’s U.S. Card division (specifically their credit card price protection service).  The Paribus program will still be fully operational while working with Capital One’s efforts to expand their programs and services using Paribus’ technology and algorithms.

I will be posting more updates as I get them directly from Paribus.  They have been busy with the transition to being a part of Capital One, but once the dust settles, I am sure there will be plenty more information.



My name is Jack and I have been working on this since around April of 2015.  Apps come and go, so I constantly work on updating this with what is relevant, what takes the least amount of effort, and what simply looks fun to try.  I have made thousands of dollars in cash and Amazon gift cards using all of these apps and programs since I started, and that isn’t even using them to their fullest!  I hope you get as much, if not more, out of them as I have.

Contact me here with any questions, suggestions, or to request the invitation codes for some of these programs to get their sign up bonuses.  

These all work in the USA, but some may not work in other countries.  I am working on getting that figured out and will update the listings to indicate the countries where these programs do work.

I am also working on identifying if these are websites, Android apps, iOS apps, or what other platforms are compatible with these programs.

Contests will be coming soon!

Thank you and Enjoy!

Bing Rewards Changing to Microsoft Rewards

Here’s the email from Microsoft:

Dear Lazy Money Guy,
Your membership will automatically update over the next few weeks.
Learn more about Microsoft Rewards
See the comparison between Bing Rewards and Microsoft Rewards
See the comparison between Bing Rewards and Microsoft Rewards


Essentially, the point system changed, the rewards levels have changed, and as soon as it starts rolling out, I will keep you updated on how it is set up, any limitations, methods, and tips to know to get the most from it.

MindSumo Rewards Program Changes

From the CEO of MindSumo:

Hi Lazy Money Guy!

MindSumo is switching its rewards system from money to points as of July 1, 2016. This change should increase the prize pool for each challenge, allowing us to reward the top 50% of solvers, as opposed to 10% or less in the current structure.

Here is some more info about the upcoming changes:

  • We’re increasing prize pool per challenge by 60%
  • Points can be converted to money and cashed out at any time, with no threshold
  • Half of the submitters to each challenge will win some reward
  • Points will be the only reward mechanism on MindSumo and will be given proportionally based on the quality of ideas you submit to challenges.

These changes will affect your current reward balance. Here’s how:

  1. Bonus rewards (like the signup or first solution bonuses) will be removed entirely on July 1. We are moving the funds from these bonuses to challenges, so the prize pools can increase.
  2. If you’ve made referrals and have at least $5 in the referral rewards category, you can cash out now through June 30, 2016.
  3. If you were chosen as a winner or honorable mention on a challenge, your rewards (minus bonuses) will be converted to points if you don’t manually cash out before July 1, 2016.

For challenges already launched, the reward amounts will stay the same. For example, if the challenge lists 5 x $150 winners and 5 x $50 honorable mentions, the points awarded will match those values.

We’re excited about this change and very confident it’ll will result in a better experience for our student users. Feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback.

CTO, MindSumo

Cross Media Panel replacing Screenwise Trends Panel

Per the email sent out from Google:

Hello Lazy Money Guy,

This is to inform you about the upcoming transition from Screenwise Trends Panel to the new Cross Media Panel. This transition should be seamless and any accrued rewards balance will be carried forward automatically. We hope to provide you with a simpler and richer overall experience within Cross Media Panel that ensures your continued satisfaction for participating in this online panel.


Transition Timeline

You do not have to take any steps in order to support this transition. You will be notified by email within the next few weeks once the transition has taken place, along with additional details on how to access your account on the new panel website. Once you have received the transition email, you will be able to sign-in with your existing Screenwise Trends Panel account credentials to access your information, including your rewards balance. Shortly after the transition, the old Screenwise Trends Panel site will be shut down.


Intuitive Membership Portal

The new Cross Media Panel panelist portal will allow you to quickly access all relevant information such as membership status and rewards balance from a single screen. The panelist portal will also be optimized to be viewable through your mobile device!


More Redemption Options and Less Waiting

We will also offer an expanded set of merchants from which you can choose to redeem your rewards. The simple to use redemption interface (shown below) will enable ordering of e-Gift cards within hours rather than weeks.



Over the next few weeks, expect to hear more from us as we complete the transition from Screenwise Trends Panel to Cross Media Panel. Thank you for helping improve the products we build by participating in this program.


– Cross Media Panel Team

I will post updates as they come about this transition and what it means.