Farewell from Media Insiders

Dear Lazy Money Guy,

We at Media Insiders would like to thank you for your participation and loyalty to our panel, so it is with great sadness that we send you this email.  Due to recent, rapidly unfolding developments, Media Insiders will be closing its doors on April 16th, 2017.  We hope that you have enjoyed your time with us and that we have made a positive impact on your life.

We are going to miss reading the thank you e-mails and positive reviews.  Those kind words about us, and the happy notes about how you bought gifts for your loved ones using the points you earned with us, truly made our day!

Notes About Data Collection
After our shutdown date, we will no longer be accepting any new data from our members. Week 15 rewards will be the final rewards distributed, and will be processed by April 20th. Please click here for directions on how to uninstall MI Mobile from your device(s).

Notes About Redemptions
Please note that you have 1 month to redeem your points from the Perks system after the shutdown date.  After that time, all points will be removed and all points accounts will be closed.  It is important that you redeem your points before the closing of your account.  We want you to enjoy your rewards and have good memories of our time together.

We have enjoyed these past few years with all of you and we wish it could continue, but sadly all good things must come to an end.  Thank you so very much for being a part of our journey. Best wishes to you.

Your Friends at Media Insiders


  1. Heather Reply

    I was saddened to receive this email. MI has helped me purchase so much over the past 6 years. Definitely going to miss that extra spending money.

    • tlahpalli Post authorReply

      I definitely enjoyed how many $25 Amazon gift cards I was getting on a regular basis and little to no work. Hopefully another company comes up and takes their place.

  2. Winifred Speight Reply

    Yep All Good things Come to an End it was Fun fun fun thanks Media Insider’s for the help of earning gift cards for Christmas & birthday gifts for my grandkids etc..

    • tlahpalli Post authorReply

      They were one of a kind when it came to lazy ways to make money and I know they will be greatly missed and the work they did will never be forgotten. Hopefully, a new program rises up and fills the space this company is leaving behind.

  3. tlahpalli Post authorReply

    While I don’t work for or represent Media Insiders, I know they are very helpful and will guide you through the cashout process so you get the rewards you earned. Reach out to their support and they will help you. Are you referring to a guy named Colin who works at Media Insiders? I don’t know why he isn’t responding. I would also contact their general support in case he isn’t able to help you right away.

  4. Teresa Reply

    I actually feel a bit scammed. As an iOS user I have been told for over a year that they were working on the iOS app for this after they discontinued both the iOS and the PC versions of this program. I stayed in contact and kept being told they were working on it and to be patient. That does not appear to have been the truth. I wish they had just said that they were not doing iOS product anymore instead of leading us on. I did enjoy this program while I was able to participate.

    • admin Reply

      I believe they went bankrupt which is why the program ended.

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