SurveyCow is a lock screen app that asks one question every time you unlock your phone.  It will award points per successful question answered.

They pay in “Beef” points.  Points vary depending on the questions asked.

It is one of the easier lockscreen apps for me and I have been making about 1000 Beef points per week.

10,000 Beef points = $10.00

Use code 6370124589 for an extra 250 Beef Points when signing up!

Click here to download the app!

If you receive the same question multiple times, it means it hasn’t registered the answer in their system, and suggest you check your network connection.  I usually go into the app and see if it is connected to my account.  The issue isn’t common and they are working on a resolution to it.


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  2. Sam Reply

    Just cashed out my 2nd time on Survey Cow! First was for $10.51 and this one is for $11.84. Money is put straight into my PayPal account every Friday.

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