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Email from YouGov:

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Hi Lazy Money Guy,

Your feedback is very important to us. Whenever we can, we will act on it to improve the experience for everyone.

We’ve received a bunch of feedback recently about the rewards program: in particular, that it takes too long to earn enough points to redeem, and that once you have enough points, some rewards cost more than others (even though they have the same cash value).

Based on your suggestions, we’ve reduced the points needed to redeem the following gift cards:

  • $15 Amazon card: was 35k, now 25k points
  • $25 Foot Locker card: was 40k, now 30k points
  • $25 Nike card: was 45k, now 30k points
  • $50 Amazon card: was 65k, now 55k points

Some rewards cost more points than others because they’re more expensive for us to process. We keep the $100 rewards at exactly 100,000 points because we want to give you every incentive to stick with us all the way through – and maybe even refer a friend!

You can see all the available rewards on your account.

Thanks for your continued participation with us!

Kelly Connor


  1. William H Reply

    A lot of people aren’t getting paid anymore by YouGov. I wouldn’t waste you time on them.

    • tlahpalli Post authorReply

      I am looking into this with YouGov support and other resources to verify your concerns. If this is true, I will update this post to reflect that. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  2. William H Reply

    and Kelly says, “$50 Amazon card: was 65k, now 55k points” No, as of right now, it is 65k points. Have a looksy. Kelly doesn’t always know whats going on there. She’s super busy.

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