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Money Minute 2: Choosing an Institution

When dealing with your hard-earned money, keeping it somewhere safe and trustworthy is an important concern. Making sure that your primary financial institution is FDIC ensured is essential, should an economic crisis occur. Some banks and credit unions are more reliable than others and trustworthy about fees and limits in account usage. It can be difficult to choose a bank because of the many options that are available.

Convenience is an important factor when choosing a specific bank or credit union. Having a nearby brick-and-mortar institution is not nearly as important as it used to be in the previous century because of the internet. Most large banks in the US have online services and mobile apps. Smaller banks tend to have outdated services that are less reliable. Some people may find services like PayPal and Square Cash as a convenience, but these are money transferring services, not banks. While PayPal and other services allow you to technically store a balance, they are not obligated to follow consumer-protecting banking regulations in the United States, and they do not loan money. In the United Kingdom, PayPal is recognized as a bank and must follow the local regulations.

In order to find the “right” place to store your money, research is needed. Most of the information needed is available by searching online, as well as by reaching out to banks you might be interested in. Many other people have done all the research on individual institutions and posted their thoughts on the different pros and cons of different banks and accounts online. You need to look for things relevant to you. Likely, it’s more convenient to have multiple accounts from a single bank than to have across several banks, because it is often easier to transfer funds between accounts. Some banks charge fees to transfer funds outside of their institution, while others do not. There are also options of overdraft protection on checking accounts, such as instantaneously pulling a balance from a savings account or running a temporary line of credit.


Money Minute 1: Bank Accounts

This is a new series of posts that we are trialing.

The first process of gaining money, lazily or not, is to have a safe manageable place to store it depending on how you use it. It is often best to have multiple bank accounts to manage your finances to suit your needs. The two primary types of bank accounts are SAVINGS and CHECKING accounts. Checking accounts are more flexible for frequent usage and spending, such as to pay bills and make purchases. Savings accounts are for saving for the future, with some accruing interest. These often have limits about the number of withdrawals that can be made to the account each month. Checking accounts occasionally have some accruing interest based on the lowest balance of the month.

Depending on the bank, you should always be wary of usage and overdraft fees. Every bank account has it’s own pros and cons, which is why it can be difficult to choose. Some are free to open, while others charge a monthly or one-time fee. Some are for personal use, while others are for businesses, small and large. Some are brick-and-mortar, and some are only online. Some require a minimal balance or frequency of use before charging a fee.



Freenters is a program that pays students when they print to paper. Essentially, for every five pages of a document printed, an ad page is printed. It does not share any pages with your printed materials, so don’t worry about an ad showing up halfway through a page you need for work or school or something else.

To Get Set Up:

Sign up and download the Freenters driver onto your computer.


Select the driver to print to and earn $0.40 every ad-page printed.


Once you hit $10.00, cash out your rewards to your Paypal account.

Here’s my payout after only a week:

The program is currently only available to students with a .edu email address but that may be changing soon.

Click Here to Get Set Up! Use code LAZYMONEY to extra perks!


Doing work on sites like InstaGC, Clixsense and other GPT sites tend to get repetitive and possibly even boring. What I do to prevent any boredom from occurring is to watch TV shows on the left side of my screen while doing clicks and surveys on the right.

Doing a lot of clicks and surveys usually means watching a lot of TV shows and movies. But often, you might forget what episode you are up to for a show, or what movies you have watched. That is where Simkl comes in. Simkl allows you to track what TV Shows, Movies, and Anime you have watched, and can even do a lot of it automatically, using a Chrome Extension for Netflix, Hulu and Crunchyroll, as well as a Windows program for local videos you have downloaded, and even a Kodi add-on for all of your Kodi devices!

Simkl can notify you when new episodes come out using email, browser notifications, and even a Facebook Messenger bot. You can mark recent episodes directly from the Messenger app!

Check it out at Simkl.com


Sometimes, it’s great to be able to watch shows while earning money. Or, you just want to kick back and relax. Seeso is a new streaming service from NBC that has all the comedy you can imagine (every episode ever of Saturday Night Live for example), original shows, an entire section dedicated to British comedy, and more!

Be sure to sign up for a free trial to Seeso here!


Qmee is a program you install on your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and when you do regular searches on Google, Amazon, or Ebay, it rewards you. It will pull up links to products and stores related to your searches, and when you click on those results, you get paid.



You need to have a PayPal account to get paid. I have made over $10 just from regular searches in one month. You can cash out at any amount at any time.

They also offer survey opportunities and coupon codes for purchases of items related to your searches.  The earnings potential continues to grow with them!

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Swagbucks Tutorial

Welcome to Swagbucks!

Let’s get this thing started! First things first, I’m Cassie. I have two dogs and recently got engaged! My current goal is to earn enough from Swagbucks to pay for my honeymoon in Spring 2018! (We’ll talk more about that later).
I’m sure your wondering what this Swagbucks thing is and how it works, right? Swagbucks is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) website, basically brands and sponsors pay Swagbucks to advertise for them and Swagbucks gives us a cut of the money for viewing and interacting with their ads.
By using the site you will earn Swagbucks “SB” which are basically $.01/+ USD (depending what you cash out for) Ex: 5000 SB = $50(US). Watching videos, answering surveys, interacting with brand ads, playing games, signing up for offers, purchasing through the site, and redeeming coupons at your local store are just some of the ways to earn on the site. Once you collect enough points you can cash out for gift cards to popular stores (Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc), Visa gift cards, or PayPal cash.
What to know before signing up:
— Swagbucks is 100% free. No sign up fees, cash out fees, or hidden fees.
— Make an email dedicated to Swagbucks, you’ll be thankful for this in the future. Many offers are newsletter sign ups, click-throughs to sponsor sites, etc. which means a lot of junk mail and sales emails.
Make sure to check back for our upcoming site tutorial and walk through of most common ways to earn SB.

App Trailers

App Trailers is a very simple app. You watch videos of apps to earn points. The minimum cashout is $0.50 to PayPal, where 500 points is worth 50 cents. You can also cashout for giftcards such as Starbucks and gaming codes (Xbox, League of Legends, PlayStation, Nintendo eShop, and Steam).  Every video watched is worth anywhere from 3 to 15 points and they add up really fast.

You can download the app on iOS and Android devices at AppTrailers.com and use the referral code azriel5 to earn 50 points towards your first cashout. Also, please contact us on facebook for tips or if you are stuck.