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Qoinpro is more for fun and one of the most passive earning platforms. I have made a few bucks per month worth of different cryptocurrency over the past years with it. It automatically starts accruing bitcoin bits (and other cryptocurrencies) daily without having to do anything.  It also gets a lot better when you get more people signed up.  Each referral level increases your daily reward rate.  But even without referrals increasing your daily reward, it still adds up and requires no work after it is all set up.

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Freebitcoin is an hourly bitcoin lottery.  I have made anywhere from $0.25 to $5.00 worth of bitcoin per week.  One time I made a few hundred worth of bitcoin because of getting a few high lottery payouts!  When you do the lottery, they have a lot of ways to try it.  I usually stick to the hourly check in bonus, which can range from a few bits to an entire Bitcoin!

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WiFi Metropolis

WiFi Metropolis is rebuilding their program and should be rolling out a fully operational app to tag wifi hotspots, private networks, etc. to earn points towards bitcoin cashouts.  During their first phase a year ago, I had made about $20 worth of bitcoin.  They stopped the app and cashing out anymore, but had kept making updates and communication with users open.  So I wait and will see.