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Qriket is a game where you spin the wheel to earn random amounts of money.  You choose either blue or yellow and if the wheel ends up on your color, you win the amount they indicate in the center of the wheel.  I usually win $0.05 every few spins, but I have seen potential amounts to win as high as $1,000!  You can also challenge others to win even more!


It’s a little slower earner compared to others as it is not guaranteed a win every spin, but it is fun to spin the wheel and see the winnings add up.  You can also earn spins from watching different ads.  I usually earn 10 spins per day from the ads.  

Download the app and sign up with the code 884B51 to get 25 Bonus Spins!


Rewardo gives you five tasks per day.  Each completed task awards a certain amount of points.  You also receive bonus points for completing all the tasks and bonus points for daily check-ins.  The tasks are simple.  It’s either watching a short video, looking at an ad, downloading an app, or posting something to Facebook.

How It Works - Step 1 Complete easy tasks every day
How It Works - Step 2 Earn points for each task
How It Works - Step 3 Get rewards for earned points

The points can then be used to purchase big ticket items:

Apple MacBook Pro 13.3″ for 15800 points

$1000 Amazon Gift Card for 10700 points

iPhone 7 for 8600 Points

Xbox One for 5900 Points

PlayStation 4 for 4600 Points

I am currently getting anywhere from 40-50 points per day.  I can earn up to 10X that much by referring friends.

The app is available worldwide!

Click Here to Get Started!  Enter code B2RB1B for a cool bonus!


Spare5 is a site and iOS app for completing different tasks, like writing, reviewing, editing, rating, tagging, and other tasks.  The more tasks completed, the more “XP” you earn, which makes you more valuable for higher paying tasks to come up.  The money adds up fast and the more I do, the more tasks come up, and the higher those tasks pay!

You can cash out when you reach $5 or more!


Click Here to Sign Up and receive a bonus $1 after you earn your first $10.

Spare5 Update on Payout Amounts

Email from Spare5:

Spare5 is still paying you every Friday – as long as you have earned at least $5.

Big things are continuing to happen at Spare5 – but the biggest thing will always be our super Spare5 Community. To help it keep growing, we’re making two key changes. 

A Small Payout Change
Payouts will still be issued every Friday by 5pm PST – but beginning February 10th 2017, the minimum earnings balance needed to be paid will increase from $1 to $5. This will help Spare5 improve tasking quality and make more tasks available to Fives who do them well. This ultimately means more and better tasks on your task lists.

A Big Tasking Change
A more exciting change is just-this-close to being here: task feedback while you’re tasking, with quality scores showing how you’re doing, plus updates and hints to give you opportunities to improve. We’re adding the final touches, and we can’t wait for you to experience it.

Thank you for being part of the Spare5 community!


MooJoy is an additional way to earn coins for MooCash.  When MooCash awards diamonds, these diamonds can be used to play games like Spin the Wheel or Slots.  Other coin earning games within the app are coming soon.

Click here to sign up! and use code USRUVRMT for bonus coins and diamonds!

Set up your MooCash account, then it will direct you to download this app, or search for it in Google Play.  Get your bonus coins and diamonds and have fun!


Clixsense is a GPT and survey site similar to Swagbucks which works well both in the US and the rest of the world, giving international earners a chance to profit from their extremely high-paying surveys. They also offer a substantial reward for completing the daily checklist, as well as some great bonuses from the Clixgrid game. This will teach you the basics of how to start earning on Clixsense.

To Get Started, Sign Up Here!

You will want to install the ClixAddon for your browser, which will send you notifications when new surveys are available, thus giving you an edge on the competition. In addition, if you complete your daily checklist, you will be granted an extra bonus just for having the addon active.

I highly recommend completing the daily checklist to get the most earning potential. You can earn a bonus of up to 16% of your earnings, plus an additional 1% for having the extension running and for completing your checklist 3 days in a row. To complete your daily checklist:

  1. Click at least 6 PTC ads, just click on the view ads button, and complete a captcha, then wait for the ad to credit. clixsense1
  2. Click at least 20 squares in the Clixgrid game, these work on the same premise as the PTC ads, only this time you can win prizes of up to $10, and you have 30 chances every day.clixsense2
  3. Now that you have these out of the way, you have the choice of either completing 10 tasks, 2 offers/surveys or 5 tasks and 1 offer/survey. The tasks (basically miniature jobs which offer a small payout) and offers (register for a service or download an app etc.) are fairly standard, and will be familiar to anyone acquainted with GPT sites. The surveys, however, are where the real money lies. These are the highest paying surveys of any GPT site I know. It is not unusual for me to be credited $2.50+ for a survey that takes less than 10 minutes. These will make up the bulk of your earnings, so I highly recommend completing all the survey profilers available.clixsense3
  4. Last, visit the forum, and it does’t require any real effort on your part. After this you can enjoy your daily bonus, plus the extra bonuses!                clixsense4

You can upgrade to premium for only $17 which will drastically increase your earnings.  Refer Clixsense, the commissions from referrals increases by having a premium account. You can cashout at a minimum of $8 ($6 for premium members), I prefer through Paypal.

To Get Started, Sign Up Here!

Swagbucks Tutorial: Homepage Breakdown

Hey guys!

It’s finally time for my long overdue homepage tutorial!
I was down for a bit because my laptop tried to melt/catch on fire… yes, seriously.
But, we’re good now so lets get to know our Swagbucks Homepage!

I took a screenshot of my homepage and highlighted the parts I’ll be going over in red, I also blocked out the survey numbers because we’re not supposed to share those with anyone.


Search & Earn: Basically the same thing as a yahoo search bar, but anytime you search through the Swagbucks site you have a chance to earn from 5-99 Swagbucks through search wins.

Swag Code: A Swagcode is a secret code or word that gives you points when you enter it into this box. When a new code is released it is posted to the Swagbucks website or one of their social media pages.

Daily Goal: This tab shows you how many points you need to get the daily bonus. There are two daily goals; your first goal is blue, the second is red. Any bonus points earned credit at the beginning of the following month.

  • Blue Goal: This goal counts towards your monthly streak, if you complete the blue goal every day of the month you earn an extra 300sb bonus. (credits at the beginning of the following month)
  • Red Goal: This goal is a chance to earn more sb towards your bonus. If you complete the red goal you earn the red goal bonus points, plus any streak you complete for the month.

Streaks: 7 day = 25sb, 14 day = 100sb, 21 day = 200sb, whole month = 300sb.Total: Your SB total can be found in the top right of the screen, you can also click the arrow next to your picture and open:

  • My SB: A breakdown of everything you have earned, ever. When you earn on the site it will be added to this list.
  • Redeem: Quick link to the Swagbucks redemption page, cash in your points for giftcards.
  • Shop & Earn: A list of all stores you’ve visited and purchases you have made through Swagbucks.
  • Swag Ups: You can earn rebates from team challenges and your birthday, when you cash out your points your swag up will be applied automatically and you’ll get the sb back.
  • My Giftcards: A place to check on the status of any gift card you’ve cashed in for.
  • Order Status: Where to see if your giftcards have been shipped to your account yet.
  • Referrals: A list of everyone that signs up through your link.
  • Swagstakes: Basically swagbucks lottery, gamble your sb to try and win giftcards/rewards.
  • Settings: Your settings, obviously… change your info, address, password, etc.

Ways to earn (the important part):

Shop & Earn: Earn points by shopping through swagbucks’ store link. (make sure the category you’re purchasing from isn’t excluded)
Watch: SBTV, Ncrave, Jun videos. Watch playlists of videos and earn swagbucks for each one you complete.
Answer: Complete surveys to earn swagbucks.
Discover: A complete list of special offers available.
Search: Search through the search bar for a chance to earn swagbucks.


Play: Play swagbucks game to earn up to 10sb per day. You can also sign up for GSN cash games and earn swagbucks everytime you win. (credits the next day)
To Do List: Complete 6/7 offers per day to earn a bonus.

GrabPoints GIVEAWAYS!!!

UPDATE: Grabpoints is running giveaways. Currently for Amazon giftcards as well as Xbox Live passes. To participate, sign up using the code below, find your invite code here and comment on the giveaway videos on the GrabPoints YouTube Channel.

GrabPoints is great app and platform for earning cash, however there is one that makes it worth it. If you have the app installed, it will give you notifications for free point booster codes. Either you will receive 7 points completely free, or 15 points for answering three trivia questions correctly. 1000 points = 1 dollar but they really add up. You can also answer surveys, install apps, and watch videos to rack up the points.

Join here and enter invite code OGBRUL for 500 points!


FreeEats is so easy to make a little extra money from. Basically you sign up, register your phone number to receive periodic texts from them. Each text you receive is worth at least $0.25!!! And they pay even more when you complete tasks like downloading an app or checking out a website. But if you don’t want to do any of that, you still get paid for the text you received. They give an extra $1 for signing up. All payments are made immediately to your PayPal account, so if you don’t have one, get one!

Go here to signup!