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VoxPopMe is a survey app that wants the questions asked via video recording.  As long as your smartphone has a front-facing camera, it is pretty easy to use.  They will start off many times with preliminary questions you answer to see if you qualify for the video surveys.  If you do, the video surveys will pop up.  I have made usually between $0.25 – $0.65 per video survey.

Your answers have to be between 30-60 seconds.  You have to be somewhere quiet so the recording can capture your answers.  You have to be somewhere with enough light, so they can see your face and facial expressions as you answer the questions.

Cash out is at $15 minimum via PayPal.

You can redo answers prior to submitting.  I have had to practice some because I will ramble if I don’t know exactly what I want to say.

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Doing work on sites like InstaGC, Clixsense and other GPT sites tend to get repetitive and possibly even boring. What I do to prevent any boredom from occurring is to watch TV shows on the left side of my screen while doing clicks and surveys on the right.

Doing a lot of clicks and surveys usually means watching a lot of TV shows and movies. But often, you might forget what episode you are up to for a show, or what movies you have watched. That is where Simkl comes in. Simkl allows you to track what TV Shows, Movies, and Anime you have watched, and can even do a lot of it automatically, using a Chrome Extension for Netflix, Hulu and Crunchyroll, as well as a Windows program for local videos you have downloaded, and even a Kodi add-on for all of your Kodi devices!

Simkl can notify you when new episodes come out using email, browser notifications, and even a Facebook Messenger bot. You can mark recent episodes directly from the Messenger app!

Check it out at Simkl.com


Sometimes, it’s great to be able to watch shows while earning money. Or, you just want to kick back and relax. Seeso is a new streaming service from NBC that has all the comedy you can imagine (every episode ever of Saturday Night Live for example), original shows, an entire section dedicated to British comedy, and more!

Be sure to sign up for a free trial to Seeso here!