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As an introduction to this list, I have been working on it since around April of 2015.  Apps come and go, so I constantly work on updating this with what is relevant, what takes the least amount of effort, and what simply looks fun to try.  I have made thousands of dollars in cash and in Amazon gift cards using all of these apps and programs since I started (and that isn’t even using them to their fullest)!  I hope you get as much, if not more, out of them as I have.  Thank you and enjoy!

Email me at euxinus7@seznam.cz (I am in the USA) with any questions, suggestions, or to request the invitation codes for some of these programs to get their sign up bonuses.  These all work in the USA, but some may not work in other countries.  I am working on getting that figured out and will update the listings to indicate the countries where these programs do work.


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