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NADAmobile (UPDATES!!)


  1. Referrals are now paid 1000 points to join using the link below! (That’s $1.00)
  2. New Chrome Extension available to earn points on other sites besides nadamobile.com:
    • NadaMovieTrailers shows you some really interesting trailers. It is my favorite, even though it sometimes pays inconsistent points.
    • Fameapp.io is a secretly Nada owned news site with some cool material. Watch the videos for some extra Nada points!

Nada Mobile is great, because it pays higher than some other sites for watching videos and ads. If you watch one video, you get 4 points, and 1000 points equal $1.00. Just leave the tab open in your browser as it looks for an ad and check it occasionally if it has a new one available. It is very easy to earn cash on NADA mobile.

Click here to join!

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