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Top Cashback

Top Cashback gets you money back when you shop online at over 4,250 retailers. I’ve made some great savings so far.  You will get $10 towards your balance plus a $5 Amazon Gift Certificate absolutely free just for signing up!

You can get the rebates and bonuses through the app.  They list online and in-store rebate opportunities.  You can make purchases of the products and services listed in the app to get the rebates they offer.

Click Here to Start Saving!


I really like Shopkick.  It’s a really slick app that shows you all the best items at stores nearby, like Target, Best Buy, Costco, Old Navy, you name it. They also give you points (“kicks”) just for walking into these stores. Then you get free gift cards with the points at Target, Starbucks, Old Navy, Best Buy, etc.

Keep your GPS setting of your phone on, so when you walk into qualifying stores, the app will notify you if you can check in for kicks at that store.  You can also scan barcodes of the products there for even more kicks.  And you can do this at most each visit to the same stores.  The amount of kicks will increase for check ins during some of their promotions, so keep a look out for that as well.

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YouGov (US Only) is a survey site that I found is the easiest.  It has several surveys daily, and I get emails about new ones.  I am not normally the survey type, but this site is one that doesn’t take long per survey, questions are easy, and the points add up fast!

Companies, governments, and institutions use the results of these surveys to make actual changes.  You can see the results of many surveys as they are being completed by other users.  Most of the surveys have been very current and related to the events of the day or week.

Points can be redeemed for a variety of gift cards from Amazon to Target and more.  The $15 Amazon gift card is 35,000 points, for example.  It doesn’t take long to get that many points with how many surveys are available, how quick it is to take them, and the bonus points some surveys offer as well.

Click Here to Start Participating and get *2000 Points for signing up!

*Take 4 surveys including the Welcome Survey to be awarded the bonus points.


Ibotta is a free app that pays you cash for buying your favorite products. When you redeem your first rebate, you will get an additional $10!  And when you help teammates/friends with rebate goals, you get additional bonuses!  

You unlock rebates, by watching ads or other things, and scan the item you bought and the associated receipt.  It usually takes less than 24 hours for the rebate to be added to your account.  You can cashout at $20, with PayPal, or any one of the many gift cards offered through the app.

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PostLoop pays for posting, commenting, and allover being a part of multiple forums and communities within it.  You sign up, subscribe to the PostLoop Portal forum (this is really key), make 10 quality posts/contributions within it, they then approve you and you start making money from posting.  I can get a few bucks per day from posting on a regular basis!

Click Here to Join the Forums and Get Paid!


Vidfall is a great place to grab deals on gift cards like Amazon and Best Buy and even some tech items like an iPad Air. I know you like a great deal as much as I do, so you can check VidFall out by clicking my referral link below. Even better, if you decide to grab an item, we’ll each get 50,000 rewards points! Those points are good for $5 off your next purchase!

Click Here to Start Watching!


FunBills is a way to track bills, pay them, and do other things (surveys, competitions, etc.) to earn points called FunBux.  These fun bucks can be cashed out or used towards paying bills.  If you use them towards paying bills, they are worth more than the amount you would get just cashing them out.

Click here to Get Started!


Freebitcoin is an hourly bitcoin lottery.  I have made anywhere from $0.25 to $5.00 worth of bitcoin per week.  One time I made a few hundred worth of bitcoin because of getting a few high lottery payouts!  When you do the lottery, they have a lot of ways to try it.  I usually stick to the hourly check in bonus, which can range from a few bits to an entire Bitcoin!

Click Here to Start Earning Bitcoin!


WayUp is great for students who want to make some easy extra money doing different projects at their schools, like posting flyers, organizing events and groups, etc.  They email out job postings, projects, and other opportunities as soon as they post on their website.  The work you find can help with having an income while in school or to build up your resume doing projects and work associated with your career path.

Many of the Ambassador programs also offer perks on top of the pay and making your resume look more attractive.  Eventually as you improve upon your resume on the site, and your work history, you will start receiving job offers and opportunities specifically for you, and not what is in the general job postings on the site.  It will help get your name out there to owners of these companies or executive members, and people with influence that will get you a good spot in their company because of what you show them through your work.

Click Here to Get Started!


SmartPhoneMate runs in the background of your phone and pays $3-5 in Amazon gift cards per month.  They “require” that you check in with it twice a day. I try to check in twice a day, but many times I forget, but haven’t had any problems so far in getting the gift cards each month.  Their customer service/support are helpful if you have any dispute about not getting your gift cards each month.

Click Here to Get Started!


ControlMySMS sends random texts periodically and pays you for each text it sends.  It can pay up to $12/month by letting it do its thing.  I don’t have to do anything at all once it is installed and set up.  It may require a data/texting plan on your phone (SMSogram is a good way to circumvent that if you don’t want to use your own phone plan) in order to receive the texts from them to earn money per text.

Click Here to Download the Android App!

This is available worldwide!


ChargerPay runs when you are charging your phone/tablet and not using it.  It plays ads during that time and starts accruing points.  Every 100,000 points pays $5 in gift cards (I always prefer Amazon gift cards).  

I have reached 10,000 points/day usually (running it on two phones and a tablet).  I have gotten paid over $15/month since using it. I use an app with it to keep the screen on all the time as well as diminish the screen brightness to use less power, called Screen On.  Without it, usually the screen will time out after 30 minutes and the points stop accruing until I turn the screen back on.

Click Here to Download the App!

Gomez Peer Zone

GomezPeer runs on your computer in the background. Your account will show as pending until you have earned their minimum payout amount (I think it’s $5?) within a month.  After that, they pay out whatever amount you have earned for the month.  I am making about $0.20 per day by doing nothing except letting it run.


Click Here to Get Started!

NADAmobile (UPDATES!!)


  1. Referrals are now paid 1000 points to join using the link below! (That’s $1.00)
  2. New Chrome Extension available to earn points on other sites besides nadamobile.com:
    • NadaMovieTrailers shows you some really interesting trailers. It is my favorite, even though it sometimes pays inconsistent points.
    • Fameapp.io is a secretly Nada owned news site with some cool material. Watch the videos for some extra Nada points!

Nada Mobile is great, because it pays higher than some other sites for watching videos and ads. If you watch one video, you get 4 points, and 1000 points equal $1.00. Just leave the tab open in your browser as it looks for an ad and check it occasionally if it has a new one available. It is very easy to earn cash on NADA mobile.

Click here to join!


eBesucher sends emails or other minimal effort things to do and pays you for it.  I have made a few bucks each month from just receiving and reading the emails they send.  Hardly takes more than 30 seconds per email.  They have a few other services to create a revenue, too.  If you use Firefox Browser, you can get their program which does autosurfing websites and awards points for it.  I let that run throughout the day.

It is available worldwide.  Minimum cash out is $2 USD.

Click Here to Get Started!

GrabPoints GIVEAWAYS!!!

UPDATE: Grabpoints is running giveaways. Currently for Amazon giftcards as well as Xbox Live passes. To participate, sign up using the code below, find your invite code here and comment on the giveaway videos on the GrabPoints YouTube Channel.

GrabPoints is great app and platform for earning cash, however there is one that makes it worth it. If you have the app installed, it will give you notifications for free point booster codes. Either you will receive 7 points completely free, or 15 points for answering three trivia questions correctly. 1000 points = 1 dollar but they really add up. You can also answer surveys, install apps, and watch videos to rack up the points.

Join here and enter invite code OGBRUL for 500 points!


Using Datacoup, you link your social media accounts, debit and credit card accounts, and other accounts, to basically sell your data to potential advertising companies and marketing companies.  I get $1.50/week with them by linking as many accounts to it as possible.  

Click Here to Sell Your Data!


FreeEats is so easy to make a little extra money from. Basically you sign up, register your phone number to receive periodic texts from them. Each text you receive is worth at least $0.25!!! And they pay even more when you complete tasks like downloading an app or checking out a website. But if you don’t want to do any of that, you still get paid for the text you received. They give an extra $1 for signing up. All payments are made immediately to your PayPal account, so if you don’t have one, get one!

Go here to signup!

App Trailers

App Trailers is a very simple app. You watch videos of apps to earn points. The minimum cashout is $0.50 to PayPal, where 500 points is worth 50 cents. You can also cashout for giftcards such as Starbucks and gaming codes (Xbox, League of Legends, PlayStation, Nintendo eShop, and Steam).  Every video watched is worth anywhere from 3 to 15 points and they add up really fast.

You can download the app on iOS and Android devices at AppTrailers.com and use the referral code azriel5 to earn 50 points towards your first cashout. Also, please contact us on facebook for tips or if you are stuck.


Using an innovative AI programming to help manage my savings and investments.  I put in my extra money and let it work on making it grow more valuable.  It uses formats like Facebook Messenger, where you can ask questions like balances, goals, status of subscriptions (Netflix, Spotify, etc.), and even make changes according to your savings and investment plans.

It will also be updating to communicate via text, Kik, Hangouts, and other chat methods.  You will be able to set up alerts, reminders, status updates, scheduling different things like transfers, paying bills, etc.

Signing up enters you for a chance to win an iWatch and a year of free investing services from WealRo!

Sign Up Here to Enter the Contest and Sign Up for WealRo!


BrowserU is a program that helps pay off student loans through different tasks and then contributions made from advertisers for browsing on the website.  So far I am getting $1,500 paid off of my student loans from this site and could potentially get $2,000 from doing this.  Like a scholarship that will go directly to your student loans once your spot comes up.  

I was at spot #641 when I started and now I am in spot #614.  The more people sign up and use it, as well as their browsing site (it would replace Google search on Chrome), the sooner you get paid out.  Those in line get paid out from the use of searches and other tools from the site.


Bing Rewards Changing to Microsoft Rewards

Here’s the email from Microsoft:

Dear Lazy Money Guy,
Your membership will automatically update over the next few weeks.
Learn more about Microsoft Rewards
See the comparison between Bing Rewards and Microsoft Rewards
See the comparison between Bing Rewards and Microsoft Rewards


Essentially, the point system changed, the rewards levels have changed, and as soon as it starts rolling out, I will keep you updated on how it is set up, any limitations, methods, and tips to know to get the most from it.

MindSumo Rewards Program Changes

From the CEO of MindSumo:

Hi Lazy Money Guy!

MindSumo is switching its rewards system from money to points as of July 1, 2016. This change should increase the prize pool for each challenge, allowing us to reward the top 50% of solvers, as opposed to 10% or less in the current structure.

Here is some more info about the upcoming changes:

  • We’re increasing prize pool per challenge by 60%
  • Points can be converted to money and cashed out at any time, with no threshold
  • Half of the submitters to each challenge will win some reward
  • Points will be the only reward mechanism on MindSumo and will be given proportionally based on the quality of ideas you submit to challenges.

These changes will affect your current reward balance. Here’s how:

  1. Bonus rewards (like the signup or first solution bonuses) will be removed entirely on July 1. We are moving the funds from these bonuses to challenges, so the prize pools can increase.
  2. If you’ve made referrals and have at least $5 in the referral rewards category, you can cash out now through June 30, 2016.
  3. If you were chosen as a winner or honorable mention on a challenge, your rewards (minus bonuses) will be converted to points if you don’t manually cash out before July 1, 2016.

For challenges already launched, the reward amounts will stay the same. For example, if the challenge lists 5 x $150 winners and 5 x $50 honorable mentions, the points awarded will match those values.

We’re excited about this change and very confident it’ll will result in a better experience for our student users. Feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback.

CTO, MindSumo

Cross Media Panel replacing Screenwise Trends Panel

Per the email sent out from Google:

Hello Lazy Money Guy,

This is to inform you about the upcoming transition from Screenwise Trends Panel to the new Cross Media Panel. This transition should be seamless and any accrued rewards balance will be carried forward automatically. We hope to provide you with a simpler and richer overall experience within Cross Media Panel that ensures your continued satisfaction for participating in this online panel.


Transition Timeline

You do not have to take any steps in order to support this transition. You will be notified by email within the next few weeks once the transition has taken place, along with additional details on how to access your account on the new panel website. Once you have received the transition email, you will be able to sign-in with your existing Screenwise Trends Panel account credentials to access your information, including your rewards balance. Shortly after the transition, the old Screenwise Trends Panel site will be shut down.


Intuitive Membership Portal

The new Cross Media Panel panelist portal will allow you to quickly access all relevant information such as membership status and rewards balance from a single screen. The panelist portal will also be optimized to be viewable through your mobile device!


More Redemption Options and Less Waiting

We will also offer an expanded set of merchants from which you can choose to redeem your rewards. The simple to use redemption interface (shown below) will enable ordering of e-Gift cards within hours rather than weeks.



Over the next few weeks, expect to hear more from us as we complete the transition from Screenwise Trends Panel to Cross Media Panel. Thank you for helping improve the products we build by participating in this program.


– Cross Media Panel Team

I will post updates as they come about this transition and what it means.


A platform that connects people who can provide a service of any kind and people who are looking to hire service providers locally.  It is an easier way to find help or to make money offering help locally.  It will be released in the next few months.  

Sign up now for priority access and extra benefits as a beta tester!



Gargoyle pays you to scan license plates wherever you are.  Since license plates are public record, you can photograph them and upload them through the app and get paid for it!  Sign up now and get in line to be a beta tester.  You will get extra perks for it!

Click Here to Sign Up!

Currently accepting beta tester applications.  US Only right now, but other countries are on the list for potential opportunities.

WiFi Metropolis

WiFi Metropolis is rebuilding their program and should be rolling out a fully operational app to tag wifi hotspots, private networks, etc. to earn points towards bitcoin cashouts.  During their first phase a year ago, I had made about $20 worth of bitcoin.  They stopped the app and cashing out anymore, but had kept making updates and communication with users open.  So I wait and will see.


Unoceros was awesome when it first came out.  It paid for using phone resources for different needs of their clients.  But an exploit was found, the program shut down, and they hid in the shadows, rebuilding, restructuring, and preparing to come out into the light for a more powerful program.  I spoke with the creator of it who said they are focusing on a few things prior to the official release of their upgraded app, and are looking at new formats of incentives for lending phone resources through it to their clients.  Something is in the works, and I am excited.

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