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MobileExperienceMeter Shutting Down – Embee Update

Email from Embee on November 23, 2016:

Thank you for participating in the Mobile Experience Meter program!

This research program is now ending for some devices in your region. If you’re receiving this email, your points will stop being generated in Mobile Experience Meter on Nov 22nd.

Do you want to keep earning points?

Join the Mobile Performance Meter program, and we will automatically transfer your points!


Even if you were not eligible for the Mobile Performance Meter before, we have recently added support for all carriers in all location in the US, so you may be eligible today.

Or, you can just redeem your points from Mobile Experience Meter and uninstall. You have until Nov 30th to transfer or redeem your points from MobileExperience Meter.

Questions You May Have:

“How do I transfer my points?”

Very easy — just install and join the Mobile Performance Meter program on the *same device* that you are currently running the Embee Meter, and the points will be automatically transferred.

“How can I tell if my points were transferred successfully?”

You can see the transfer in your account history. In the Mobile Experience Meter app, you will see a negative “special bonus” transaction that zeros out your Embee Meter balance. In Mobile Performance Meter, you will see a matching positive “special bonus”  transaction for the same point, adding those points to your Mobile Performance Meter balance.

“I am already earning points using the Mobile Performance Meter, can I still transfer my points?”

Currently, the automatic transfer functionality is only available for new Mobile Performance Meter users. Thank you for using our apps!

“I tried to register the Mobile Performance Meter before, but was told I didn’t qualify. What do I do?”

Just try again! Mobile Performance Meter is now available to all carriers anywhere in the United States! So, even if you didn’t qualify for Mobile PerformanceMeter before, you should qualify now! Make sure you install the Mobile Performance Meter from Google Play, so you are sure to get the latest version of the application. If you don’t install the current version, it may not work correctly.

“I uninstalled Mobile Experience Meter already, but I think I had some old points there. Can I still have them transferred?”

Yes, your old points should be transferred when you successfully join the Mobile Performance Meter program.

“I make a different amount of points on Mobile Performance Meter. Why?”

The study is a little different in this case, so, yes, the point amounts may be different, too, depending on your location and other factors.


The Embee Team